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How to Froth Milk for a Latte


There used to be a time when coffee meant just coffee whether at home or at your local café. With ever-changing demands, coffee is no longer a cup of brewed coffee beans. There are numerous fancy options loaded with various essences, flavors and condiments making a cup of coffee a fancy experience and a fancier visual. From variations in cold coffee inducing ice cream, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and what not to a warm cup of cappuccino or latte with intricately crafted designs on the frothy milk on top – the only downside to the otherwise every changing food art is that cafes and baristas steer up their prices alarmingly with every different concoction they brew. Yet we unprecedentedly reach out to these joints for a cup of coffee whenever our system craves caffeine. The reason why we are not satisfied with making coffee at home is simply because it lacks that special something. But for those who want to try making a delightful cup of latte without shelling out extra bucks, knowing how to froth milk for that creamy sweet texture might do the trick!

There are a couple of ways of frothing milk at home and the easiest method is to use a proper coffee maker. But there are times when a coffee maker is not available near at hand and you want to whip up a cup of instant coffee without compromising on the texture and frothy dollop of deliciousness on top. You can follow these two methods to conveniently and quickly froth milk into a creamy aerated texture for complimenting home-made coffee liquor and churning out a delicious cup of cappuccino or latte from it.

Get a frother

Milk frothers are the most convenient tools for the job at hand and available in manual and battery operated versions at cheap prices globally, frothers should be your first option for making the perfect cup of coffee. It barely takes any time and works simply by whisking warm milk fast till a foamy consistency is reached. Battery operated or electric frothers take just seconds to convert a cup of warm milk to milk froth.

Wire whisk

Pretty much the same concept as a frother, wire whisks can be used after microwaving or heating milk till steam comes out. Once heated, put the wire whisk in the container or vessel with milk and twist it rapidly holding it between your palms. You should see froth forming soon.

Tea ball infuser

Although sounds completely irrelevant, tea ball infusers come in very handy for frothing milk fast. All you need to do is ensure there are no residues in the infuser. Heat milk in a cup or vessel insert the infuser in the milk and squeeze it a number of times like you do while making a cup of tea. The porous nature will soon aerate the milk forming froth.



Yes, you read that right! Pour milk in a jar, preferably a Mason jar and shake vigorously for some time. You will see foam forming but it will dissolve faster than it formed. To retain the frothy consistency, microwave the jar for 20-30 seconds after shaking it to form froth.

These simple hacks ensure you get the best out of every cup of latte at home without going through a lot of hassle or spending a lot on expensive coffee-makers.

 April 26th, 2016  
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