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Beverages That Are a Perfect Substitute For Coffee



A large percentage of the population loves their morning coffee. What if you are craving for caffeine and you realize that that you are out of it? Before you give up on getting that kick you need from coffee consider these viable alternatives. This article briefly details beverages with similar taste and effects to coffee.

These are beverages you should consider stocking up to ensure when you are out of coffee you have access to plausible alternatives both in terms of taste and effects. These perfect substitutes for coffee can also come in handy for those trying to quit coffee.

All these beverages can give you the same morning boost that coffee gives you in order to help function at optimum level. Although that rich and smooth coffee flavor is unique to the coffee bean, there are alternative beverages that also have this deep dark flavor that most people enjoy in coffee.

Coffee Alternatives that taste like coffee and have similar effects to caffeine

1.) Roasted Chicory root is a caffeine free and health promoting alternative to coffee

If you are out of coffee then roasted chicory root is the perfect alternative. This beverage not only tastes like coffee but also has similar effects as coffee.

Additionally, this beverage also boosts your health. Roasted Chicory root also has a dark and deep signature flavor similar to that of coffee. Furthermore this coffee substitute also has a mile long list of health benefits. Roasted Chicory root even looks like coffee and is just as simple to prepare, you add a 1 teaspoon to a mug of boiling water then allow the mixture to boil for 10 minutes.

2.) Ayurvedic Roast is a herbal substitutes that has a very similar taste to coffee

This herbal coffee substitute is actually USDA Certified. Apart from being non-acidic and GMO free, it is also 100% organic. This is a unique formula that comprises of chicory root, rye and barley. It comes in two types; the original taste that is unflavored and the vanilla flavored type.

3.) Teeccino Herbal Coffee Substitute

The aroma of this herbal coffee alternative is wonderful and calming just like coffee. Additionally the flavor is also mellow and rich with different notes just like coffee. When well blended it tastes like coffee except that it is purely organic. It can also be brewed simply just like coffee making an ideal substitute anytime your coffee runs out.

4.) Dandelion Coffee

This is a popular caffeine-free and instant coffee-like blend that looks like coffee, tastes like coffee and can also give you the boost and kick that coffee gives you every day because it has natural energy boosting components. It however contains zero caffeine which is an added advantage. The taste is very close to that of coffee except that dandelion coffee is less bitter and also less acidic. Dandelion coffee is the perfect alternative to coffee anytime you run out of stick

Most people are so accustomed to drinking coffee and hence have a hard time coping without it. These four coffee substitutes that have similar effects and the same taste can come

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